Karma is more than just a bitch.  Karma can go in the complete opposite direction.  We live in a world where people experience joy out of watching another person get payback.  Why does it always have to be perceived as negative?  I believe that it doesn’t.  It’s true for me that goes around comes around.  You get what you give.  So start putting out there what you want to receive back.  If you can love from the inside out, the outside will lovingly make it’s way back in.  Loving karma; from one heart to another.



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  1. createwhatyouwant
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 12:46:25

    Love this! I too believe in all you mentioned; you create you own reality! ….
    “Happiness is a choice; therefore, I wake up everyday choosing to be happy. For those who want to hop on the happiness frequency, all you have to do is believe and—be happy.” –Dianne Furphy
    …Your blog sounds wonderful, along with some of your posts I read. Rock on with Happiness & keep inspiring :))


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