What is Reiki?

IARP 2023 Pro Member Badge smReiki is a complement to all other forms of healing and is used all across the world. It is an alternative form of medicine that is administered by a Reiki Practitioner through placing their hands lightly on or near the body of the patient to promote and encourage emotional and physical well being. The practitioner is the vessel or active channel for which the healing life force energy can flow through and to the patient.

The Reiki I practice is the Usui system of natural healing in accordance with the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition. Mikao Usui is the creator of Reiki from the early 1900’s and has since passed down this method of healing from healer to healer through Reiki attunements. An attunement is only given by a Reiki Master and immediately consciously connects the practitioner to the Reiki energy.

Broken down, “Rei” is a Japanese word for universal, and “Ki” is another word for life force energy. “Ki” is also another name for the Feng Shui term “Chi.” Reiki is used to align the energy within our bodies, whereas Feng Shui is used to align the energy in our living and working spaces outside of physical selves.

Energy in our body can stagnate and become blocked which can be the cause of many illnesses and dis-eases. Reiki has the ability to break up that stagnation and help move the energy through the body and send it where it needs to go encouraging healing and bringing a sense of peace within the patient. Reiki always targets the cause of the stress and heals our bodies at their root level.

The benefits of reiki are endless, to name a few;

  • Speeds up the recovery of infections and wound healing
  • Invites balance and harmony into the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the body
  • Relieves physical and emotional pain
  • Reduces depression, anxiety, worry and fear Improves response to stress
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Enables emotional clarity and spiritual growth
  • Assists in a better nights sleep
  • Aids in normalizing blood pressure and sugar levels
  • Allows for better focus and clearing of the mind (tame the monkey brain!)
  • Increases the body’s immune system and speeds up its ability to heal

Reiki For Animals

Reiki is an excellent complement to your pet’s healing whether it be for easing anxiety from a change or move, or recovering from an injury. Reiki helps our animals the same way it helps us.

Please note that energy healing is not a substitute, but rather a complement to conventional medicine and all other treatments. Please consult your licensed medical providers for your medical care.


Remote Reiki Distance Healing

As a Reiki Master Teacher, I have received attunements from my Reiki master that have taught and allowed me to perform Reiki remotely from where I am sending the healing energy directly to you wherever you are. It doesn’t matter how far away you are, as the energy is directed and guided to you the same way it would be as if you were right in front of me. I invoke the energy, and with a picture, I hold the image of the recipient in my mind's eye and channel the healing directly to them, only at their request or with their permission. The benefits of distance Reiki are all as amazing as if you were right in front of me.



"I recently hurt my foot and was not getting any relief from other methods, ie. icing, ibuprofen, etc. I reached out to Angela about doing reiki on me without telling here what my condition was or where on my body. She performed distance reiki on me and was able to tell me where in my body my pain was down to which foot and exactly where on my foot. I was totally amazed by her accuracy and ability to sense my energy and provide healing even from a distance. I definitely could tell when she was performing the reiki - I felt a tingling sensation in my foot and could feel the healing taking place. I am so grateful for Angela's services and would absolutely recommend her to anyone seeing healing treatment no matter the distance. Angela's gift is a true blessing to the world. - Love, Cynthia"


I just wanted to share with you what a an incredible and positive difference you made to the healing journey of our Cocker Spaniel, Billy.

When we were told we had to keep our hyperactive dog quiet for 6 weeks we were beside ourselves wondering how on earth we would manage it. This is where you came into the picture. And thank goodness you did.

Even though you did Reiki from a distance, you immediately zoned in on the injured area without me even telling you where it was. My husband and I were amazed. Even more amazing was how much Billy slept afterwards. Your daily Reiki literally knocked him out and gave him the much needed rest he required to recover. And the most incredible thing was, his healing time was literally cut in half, which we seriously can't explain, except to attribute it to the distant Reiki healing you did.

Thank you so much for sending him so much love and healing energy. We're so grateful and will recommend you to everyone! -Love Kylie