Feng Shui Consultation

In-Home Feng Shui & Healthy Home Consultation

CERTIFIED 2019Thank you for considering me to help align the energy of your home.  Pricing starts at $650 for up to 2500 sq ft. homes and $850 for small businesses. I also do consultations for offices within a business as well as apartments and condos. 

You have the option of receiving a custom made Bagua Map applied to your specific floor plan with a report detailing all of my observations and suggestions for an additional $100.  This saves you from needing to take notes during the appointment and both would be emailed to you in a PDF format one week after the consultation.  

Please message me for a personalized quote.

  • Includes 20 minute phone consultation to learn more about you and what it is you are looking to improve or what 2-3 areas in your life you are feeling stuck.
  • Floor plan reading and review prior to your in home consultation
  • Healthy home evaluation of EMF’s with a trifleld meter and talk about other potential hazards in your home that could be affecting your health.
  • In home consultation (plan for about 2-3 hours)
  • House blessing
  • I am available to you for follow up answers up to six months after the consult.

To schedule an in home Feng Shui & Healthy Home Consultation, please fill out the Pre-Consultation Form below and email it to me. I will review it and contact you to set up a time for a phone call where we can talk more about changes you are looking to make in your home and life. After the phone call if you feel good and want to go forward then I will have you send me the items listed below. Once I receive your floor plans, pictures and payment then we can schedule a date for the consultation : )

What I will need from you two weeks prior to your in home consultation emailed to me

  • A completed pre-consultaion form emailed to me at angela@LovingKarma.com
  • An architectural or hand drawn floor plan of your home or workspace
    • Please indicate what the function of each room is (kitchen, bath, dining, etc)
    • Please indicate the direction each door opens
    • Please indicate furniture placement within each room
    • Please indicate stairs and all bathrooms in home
    • When drawing beds, please indicate where head of bed is located
  • A picture of your home or office from the street
  • A picture of your view taken from the front door looking out
  • 1-2 pictures of each room you want me to address taken from the entrance to each room.

Please note all services are subject to additional traveling fees depending on your location and all prices are based on US dollars.