Floor Plan Analysis

What is a Floor Plan Analysis?

A floor plan analysis is a literal review of your actual floor plan to help determine how the energy is or isn’t moving in your space.  Sometimes people know once they’ve moved into a new home or office that something feels off but can’t quite pin point what it is.

Our homes and offices actually set up a map for how energy flows around us and can sometimes determine where our strengths and weaknesses will be as a result of these layouts. It’s important to pay attention to what shifts in your life when you move into a new place. Sometimes relationships end, or others begin or strengthen. Sometimes there are career changes, whether it be the loss of a job or receiving an offer for a greater one. Our homes tell our stories and the blueprints have a lot to do with that.

With an architectural or hand drawn floor plan of your living or working space, I will show you using the bagua map where exactly I am seeing imbalances. I will offer you suggestions on how to adjust things inside and outside your home depending on the shape or your dwelling of your space, as this is a factor in how energy is affecting you.

I will also advise you which elements are best used for decorating in different areas of your home to help create a space that is more energetically supportive and harmonious to you and your loved ones.

Floor Plan Analysis $350

Learn how your home’s energy is flowing and affecting your life and how to make it work for you.

  • Includes review of your floor plan
  • Suggestions for how to remove energetic blocks which may be causing blocks in different areas of your life.
  • Application of the bagua map to demonstrate energetically where different areas of your life are represented in different areas of your home.
  • Explanation of the best location for use of the five elements to help support the flow of energy in your environment.

To schedule a floor plan analysis, please fill out the Pre-Consultation Form and email it to me at angela@lovingkarma.com. I will then contact you so we can set up a time that works mutually for both of us via Skype or FaceTime. Prior to the scheduled analysis appointment, I will need the following from you;

  • A completed pre-consultaion form emailed to me at angela@LovingKarma.com
  • An architectural or hand drawn floor plan of your home or workspace
    • Please indicate what the function of each room is (kitchen, bath, dining, etc)
    • Please indicate the direction each door opens
    • Please indicate furniture placement within each room
    • Please indicate stairs and all bathrooms in home
    • When drawing beds, please indicate where head of bed is located
  • A picture of your home or office from the street
  • A picture of your view taken from the front door looking out
  • 1-2 pictures of each room you want me to address taken from the entrance to each room.
  • Payment in full

During the phone session, I will review with you what I see from your floor plan and give you a list of things to do as a result of what it is your are looking to change for the better.

I will be available for follow up questions to the changes you’ve made for up to three months after the analysis.

Please note all services are subject to additional traveling fees depending on your location and all prices are based on US dollars.